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New Client Manual

Your Essential Guide to Getting Amazing Technology Service & Support
for your practice!


The first question you might have when working with us is... How do I get Fast Support?
Here’s how it’s done! 🤓

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This is the easiest and fastest way to get help 😀

Simply click on our logo next to your Clock (it looks like this:  ) and then click Submit a Ticket.  A window will pop-up, guiding you easily through the process!

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If you’d prefer email, simply shoot an email to:

This will automatically pop up in our system and we’ll work on it as soon as possible. You’ll get an automated reply confirming we’ve got it! 

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You can call us anytime at (615) 866-1427 option 1, whenever you need help.

If you need help URGENTLY, make sure to call us rather than using any of the previous methods.


At times our technicians may call or email you from their direct phones/emails. If you send emails to our Direct Email Addresses or call us on our Cell Phones, this will drastically slow our response times or in most cases cause the issue to not be resolved. We’ve built our processes to be quickest & most reliable when you use the methods above. Warning with solid fill

HOW FAST WILL YOU RESPOND?Clock with solid fill

One of the things we pride ourselves on is making sure a trained technician helps you as quickly as possible.  While the bulk of our calls will be live answered, if you ever have to leave us a voicemail, we strive to return all calls in 20 minutes or less!

8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 260 days a year. (Ok, so maybe a few less depending on the holidays. Working days vary a bit 😎)

Our remote support team is continually monitoring for any issues or support requests.  They are standing by, waiting to help you!

You’ll find that around 97% of your requests will be solved remotely and often within just a few minutes of your call.

Occasionally though (the other 3% of the time), an onsite support visit will be required.   An onsite visit is usually only required when something is physically broken or something REALLY weird is going on.  We’ll let you know if a visit is needed, and will schedule someone to be to your office soon!


We are a Shared Services business model and that means you get to share our team of techno-wizards 🧙‍♂ with other wonderful dental practices like yours!

While this is great for you because you don’t have to invest huge amounts of money & time to build out and manage your own internal IT team, it also means that on some occasions, we may not be able to offer immediate support for some issues (we wish we could, but we’d need to charge 10x the price 🥴).

However, we know that one of the easiest ways to make you happy is to provide FAST and RELIABLE support when you need it most.  So, to keep things fair, we categorize all issues into Priorities and we work on them in order. This means that when you have a Critical issue – we can work on it SUPER quick (by taking a little longer to work on your lower priority tasks). Here’s the times we aim for in each Priority, along with some simple examples for your chosen service plan:





Your Main Server is offline, and all users are unable to work.

30 minutes

15 Minutes

Network equipment has failed, most users unable to work

Practice Management or Imaging software is down

Your Internet Connection is offline, users can still work locally OK

1 Hours

30 Minutes

Your front desk computer is down, and you are unable to check patients in or out

Your credit card processing software has stopped working and you’re unable to process payments.

A user’s desktop is making a strange noise

4 Hours

2 Hours

One of the main printers is not working, but users can print to another one  

A single user is unable to scan documents

Printing is slower than normal

6 Hours

4 Hours

A user is having problems connecting to the Wireless network

A user needs a program installed on their Computer or Laptop

No Priority

Pro-Active Maintenance of systems, including Software Updates



New User Setup and Configuration

New Computer or Laptop Installation and Configuration

* Response times are when someone begins working on your issue.  This doesn’t guarantee they’ll have it resolved in this time, but you will have someone working to solve the problem! Response times are only valid during normal business hours.

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While we strive to exceed your expectations all the time, we’re not arrogant enough to think that it’s possible to be 100% perfect 100% of the time.

We are humans after all 🤓

So, if you ever have a situation where you feel we’re not handling your request as well as we could be, you can escalate that issue…

Right up to the “big boss” if you’d like!

Here’s the order of escalation contacts and their direct contact details:


  1. Vice-President

Phone: (931) 210-1035

2. President

Phone: (629) 777-0777

As you’ll come to notice (& love), our team is extremely professional, highly efficient, and very capable, so hopefully, you’ll never need to use this process.

However, you now know that if the rare occasion pops up where we do miss your expectations, there’s an easy way for you to let us know so we can fix it ASAP!

Just know that if we ever do make a mistake, you can count on us to 100% own up to it.


We’re not just Computer People.🤓 We can also help you out with most technology things related to your business. Here’s a list of some of the services/advice we can help with:

  • Practice Management Software
  • Dental Imaging Software
  • Dental Imaging Hardware
  • New Computer Purchases
  • Dental Equipment advice
    (after all we are in several different dental offices every day and we see what works!)
  • Software Licensing
  • Internet Connections
  • Website Hosting
  • DNS / Domain Name Hosting
  • Project Planning
  • Cybersecurity (Depending on your plan, some of this may be included)
  • Office 365 / Microsoft 365
  • VoIP Telephone (Weave)
  • IT Budgeting / Replacement Planning
  • IT Consulting
  • IT Strategic Planning
  • Disaster Recovery Planning (included in your plan)
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Domain Name Renewals

We work in Dental offices every day, and are happy to do our best to work with any dental equipment you see fit to use.  Whenever we give recommendations or suggestions on dental products, know that it’s not for profit.  If you’re looking for something that is not on this list – get in touch with us via your Account Manager to find out whether we can help you or at least point you in the right direction!


One of our areas of genius is working out how practices like yours can better use technology to solve everyday issues.

So, whenever you have a technology or dental equipment challenge in your practice that you’re struggling to find an answer for – simply pick up the phone and give us a call.

There’s a VERY good chance we’ll be able to help you find a creative way to solve your challenge, often using a mixture of technology, consulting, and a pinch of “that’s just crazy enough to work”.

We honestly LOVE solving challenges like this so we can help you be more Profitable, more Innovative, and more Efficient by using Technology! 😀

Our Recommended TECHNOLOGY Platform

There are a bazillion different types of Technology out there in the world.

Which makes it impossible for anyone to keep up with it all.

So, to make sure we can deliver world-class, fast, amazing service – we constantly work towards helping all our clients use the Technology we know and love the best (we call this our Recommended Technology Platform, or RTP for short).

We aim for all our clients to use as much of our RTP as possible and we make sure we maintain deep knowledge and training on everything in our RTP so we can keep your IT Infrastructure nicely integrated, fast to support, and world-class!


  • Microsoft Server Operating Systems
  • Microsoft/Office 365
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Dell Servers & Storage
  • Dell Desktops & Laptops
  • Unifi Switches
  • Unifi Wireless Access Points

  • WatchGuard Firewalls
  • Microsoft Office 2016 and Above
  • Microsoft Windows 10 and Above
  • Weave Phone Systems
  • Yealink IP Phones
  • Canon Scanners

Since we can’t automagically update this document that’s in your hands, if you want to see the latest up to date version of our Recommended Technology Platform, simply shoot us a quick email!


While we work hard to stay trained and up to date in all the above technology, we know that from time to time, you’ll need help with something that’s not on the list.

When this happens, just bear in mind that it may take us some extra time to familiarize ourselves with supporting that product.

But take solace that we are still world-class at troubleshooting other products, so we’ll be able to work it out!

Also, please keep in mind that if you decide to purchase items from other vendors that we don’t list above, any support may end up being Out of Scope for your Monthly Technology Support Agreement and incur some extra costs. We’ll always let you know beforehand, though 😀


In order for us to deliver the best level of support, we do require that servers and workstations are purchased directly through Reliance, along with critical networking equipment. We will always work to deliver you the best value with your purchases and in the rare occasion you might find a better deal through proper channels, then we will discuss this with you to work out a solution. Warning with solid fill

YOUR ACCOUNT MANAGERSchool boy with solid fill

When your business starts working with us, we assign you an account manager.

Your Account Manager is who you should call for any questions about your business and all account-level discussions.

Whenever you need to talk to someone about your future business plans, your budgeting, upcoming projects, or anything else related to your IT infrastructure, get in touch with your Account Manager.

 There’s no need to get in touch with your Account Manager for Helpdesk Support or Service Requests as they’ll simply tell you to get in touch with the Helpdesk team directly for the fastest help and quickest response!

Your Primary IT Contact/s

As part of your Onboarding, we ask you to appoint a Primary IT Contact from your side (or sometimes a few). (This is usually the Doctor and the Office Manager/Practice Administrator.)

Your Primary IT Contact/s are the ones authorized to make changes to your Account and to who we send important information.

If you’re not the Primary IT Contact in your business, then it’s best to speak to them whenever you have a request that includes adding / editing or deleting users or data as they’ll need to authorize it first.

We have this security in place for your protection as we wouldn’t want to give a user access to your confidential data one day that didn’t have the authority to have it!


If you ever need any help with any Accounting Issues (such as needing copies of invoices etc), simply shoot an email to and our friendly Accounts team will help you out.

You can also call them at (615) 866-1427 – Option 3.

They’re available 9-4 PM CST Monday - Thursday.


Whenever you need any new equipment or software, we’ve got you covered 😀

We have a dedicated Procurement and Ordering system designed to take the hassle and pain out of the process whenever you need to order anything.


If it’s for a small order such as a few new computers or laptops – simply give us a call at (615) 866-1427 - Option 2 or shoot us an email to and we’ll send you back a quote.

We aim to get all quotes back to you within 1 business day.


If your order is large or it’s for a project (like a network upgrade, data migration, or even a brand new office), then it’s best to speak to your Account Manager so they can make sure that align everything up properly for you.

They’ll work to get you an official Fixed Fee Proposal to cover everything you need!


Unless it’s a complex project, we’ll typically send your quotes & proposals using our web-based quote delivery system.

You’ll just have to click on the link in the email and you’ll be able to view the quote or proposal. You can then simply sign & approve the proposal from that screen.  Once an order is approved we will generate an invoice for you right away.  We have a back-end system that alerts us as soon as a successful payment comes through and we jump on to getting the product ready for you ASAP!


Here are a few more important bits of information to help you better understand and navigate the crazy technology world, and some of the terminology we may use when we’re talking to you!


In the technology world, there’s an ongoing battle between Security vs Usability.

Every day, there are millions of hackers around the world, trying to break into networks like yours. There are literally high-rise buildings full of these hackers in countries like Russia.

Obviously, the best way to defend against them is to NOT use Technology at all…but that wouldn’t be fun, right? 😵

The problem with technology though is that typically, the more Secure your systems are, the harder they become to use!

On a graph, it looks a little like this:

So, please know that we do our very best to make your business as secure as we can based upon your budget and the service plan you chose. At the same time, we also try to make things as easy to use as possible, while keeping security as high as we can.

You might notice this in things like our strong recommendation that every single user uses 2-Factor Authentication for all online services.

We know it can be painful to use because we protect 100% of our tools with it.

However, turning it on can help block LOTS of the most common hacking attempts that are happening on your network to help keep your data safe.

We err on the side of high security, but we also aim for easy usability 🤓

Also, keep in mind that the software and hardware used in the dental world is notorious for not working well with high-security environments or the latest operating systems on the market.  Sometimes, unfortunately, we may have to choose functionality over the best security.


If you’ve ever been to an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet, you’ll know that you’re able to eat as much of anything that’s out on the buffet as possible.Packing Box Open with solid fill

However, if you’d like something that’s NOT on the menu – then you have to pay for it separately. 

Our monthly service agreements and project proposals work in the exact same way.

That means, that you can have as MUCH as you like of anything that we cover in our Inclusion List for your Agreement or in the Scope of Work of a Project.

(just like you can eat as much Sweet ‘n’ Sour pork on the buffet)

And, when you need something that’s not on the list, we will simply quote you a separate Fixed Fee Quote so you can work out whether you want to go ahead with it or not.

We call this whole conversation IN-SCOPE and OUT-OF-SCOPE.

And, whilst we have worked hard to build an offering where pretty much everything you will need in the day-to-day operation of your practice will be included IN-SCOPE – you might find from time to time that there will be things that are OUT-OF-SCOPE.

If we were to include absolutely everything IN-SCOPE – we’d end up going out of business, just like a buffet restaurant would if they included everything possible.

 If you’re unsure if something’s included or not, simply send us an email or give us a call!
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